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On_golden_blonde On Golden Blonde (1984)

Run time: Video 80 min
Rating: 7.3
Genres: Adult | Comedy
Director: Michael Phillips
Writers: Michael Phillips
Stars: Ginger Lynn, Jamie Gillis, Christy Canyon
Plot Keywords: oral rape, morning sex, lesbian rape, rape, anal sex

3 Responses to On Golden Blonde (1984)

  • Bountiful Christy Canyon plays Alice, an extremely horny woman who dies during her morning jog in a bra-less tanktop. She is greeted at the Heavenly gates by a man who informs her it isn’t her time, and that a mistake has been made. She is livid. He takes her on a journey, temporarily placing her into bodies of such blondes as Ginger Lynn and Gina Carrera, until he can find the right receptacle. Alice is displeased each time to be placed into a blonde, as she is a blonde-hater. She is finally placed into a blonde and comatose Chanel Lindsey, who isn’t comatose for long. Really bad acting, but still funny at times, "On Golden Blonde" is one of the best adult-comedies for its time. My rating: 8 out of 10

  • This movie is an interesting one.

    In the 1970's and 1980's half of the pron movies out there seemed to be some kind of rip-off of mainstream movies. Movies ripped off the plots and titles from everything from Blazing Saddles to The Six Million Dollar Man.

    This one actually steals the title from one movie (On Golden Pond), and the plot line from another (Heaven Can Wait).

    Christy Canyon plays a busty brunette who dies before her time. In order to let her finish her lifespan, she is shown a series of different bodies, and she is allowed to "test drive" them. However, each body is that of a blonde.

    This is fairly typical for the era, simply a thin plot that serves as an excuse to have one sexual encounter after another. She experiences 2 threesomes (MFF and MMF), and a few other encounters before she settles into the body she will spend the remainder of her life in.

  • In typical adult film industry fashion, "On Golden Blonde" borrows it’s plot (and title) from two mainstream hits. Alice (Christy Canyon) dies by a mistake made in heaven and is shuttled from body to body by an angel until a suitable one can be found. Of course, all the women are blonde (Alice doesn’t like that.) And, of course, she has a sexual encounter in each body. By far the most memorable scene takes place when she inhabits Ginger Lynn’s character and takes part in a threesome with Tom Byron and a French Maid who gets a "backdoor" invasion. All Cheesey, but great porn flick!

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