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sitepic4STAGE NAME: Ginger Lynn REAL NAME: Ginger Lynn Allen AWARDS: XRCO 1984 Starlet of the Year, FOXE 92 All-Time Fan Favorite, AVN 1985 Best New Starlet

Ginger Lynn
1092 Broxton Ave., #724
Los Angeles, CA 90024

BIRTHDATE: 12/14/62
HIPS: 34
HEIGHT: 5’4″
BIRTH SIGN: Sagittarius
SHOE: 6 1/2

FAVORITE THINGS: Family, Friends, Children and Animals
FAVORITE MUSIC: A little of everything, Melissa Etheridge
FAVORITE FOODS: Pizza, Artichokes and Chocolate
QUALITIES LIKED IN A MAN: Honesty, Sense of Humor, Health Consciousness, Creativity and Intelligence
QUALITIES LIKED IN A WOMAN: Honesty, Sense of Humor, Health Consciousness, Creativity and Intelligence


Read her profile here on Luke Fords site. This is a controversial piece of Literature as Ginger disputes a lot of it.

The Young and the Curious
courtesy of the Porno News Network (

As we last saw our young and curious host (Jason) he and Caesar had just…well if you want to know what the two of them ‘just’ did you can take a look at yesterday’s issue in our archives. Let’s continue the saga as Sam Phillips and Ginger Lynn cum in and take control…..

Penthouse Pet turned mainstream radio and television personality Sam Phillips then joins Caesar on the couch. Phillips has been a regular on ‘The Young & the Curious’ with a monthly movie review and tonight she gives her thoughts on last week’s Academy Awards ceremony before regailing secrets from Sechrest’s past. Phillips claims she’s know the host since he was 18 years old and working at Sav-On. Sechrest laughs ‘I did work there for about two and a half months when I first moved to Los Angeles before I got my first real job at Danni’s Hard Drive [ ]. In fact despite the fact that I haven’t always had great things to say about Danni Ashe she did sort of rescue me from Sav-On and I gave her my name tag when I left Danni’s Hard Drive to go freelance. It said Serving You Since 1998.”She has probably stomped on it by now ‘ cackles Phillips.

‘Yeh she probably looks at it and screams ‘Ya don’t serve me no more do ya?!” laughs Sechrest. Phillips says Ashe is a wonderful woman to which Sechrest retorts ‘She is a horrible human being. Satan incarnate.’

Sam Phillips talks up her latest projects including a documentary co-produced by herself and porn star Houston [ ] called ‘Beauty is the Beast ‘ covering the pros and cons of altering our physical body to suit your profession partnership or self-esteem. Phillips also mentions she will be performing live at The Improv on Melrose in Hollywood California this April 18th at 10:30 pm (PT) for ‘The Red Light Comedy District.’ The show merges top stand up comedians with adult stars and centerfolds with whom Phillips conducts improv games on stage. This time around the cast of adult stars will include Brittany Andrews [ ] Houston Keri Windsor [ ] Nikki Nova [ ] and Alexus Winston [ ].

Sechrest thanks Caesar and Sam Phillips for joining him on the show and they xit the KSEX couch as he introduces the legendary Ginger Lynn [ ] to ‘The Young & the Curious.’ Lynn gives a brief history of how she became involved in adult entertainment: ‘I moved to California when I was 19 and I thought life was free and easy living on the beach and lots of fun. I just came to visit family relative at first and I had been managing a Sam Goodys in Illinois. So I walked into one of their stores in California and they offered to double my salary and give me a thousand dollars to move there and work as a trouble shooter for them. I was managing nine Musicland stores and I was so bad even then sleeping with all of my employees. But I was working 70 hours a week and thought there has to be more to life than this! So I answered an ad for some bachelor party brought my boom box brought my boyfriend and I had really practiced for it and thought I was ready. What I hadn’t thought through is that I would be the only girl in the room and when I walked in there were all these guys just sitting there waiting for me to be the main event. I ran out and left my boom box and my boyfriend. I took the car and left. That didn’t work out too well.’

Lynn says she met a 23 year old boy from Washington last week who reminded her of herself at that age. ‘He had this hard cut body and tattoos and the nicest big fat uncircumcised cock. He’d been hard through his clothes the whole night but the moment I took his clothes off he was so nervous it just went [limp]. I had to talk him through everything even eating pussy and eventually I was over it. I said ‘You know what honey. I’m tired. You have to go.”

Lynn as we all know got over her own case of sex fright. ‘I desperately wanted to be a bad girl ‘ she reveals ‘and I was in my private life but doing it in front of a crowd took a series of instances like wet t-shirt contest for me to get used to. Fast forward a few years and I hook up with World Modeling then Penthouse [ ] shooting with Suze Randall [ ] I get asked to do movies and think I’m not that kind of girl but three months later I’m sucking cock on camera and having a good time. I was still uncomfortable talking on camera though. I would do my sex scenes and have no problem and then when it came time to act the words wouldn’t come out. Jerry Butler was my leading man at the time and he pulled an old actor’s trick on me. I couldn’t get the emotion that I needed to do this particular scene so he started bashing my grandfather who had just passed away and was my favorite person in the world. Then he started bashing me and calling me names and he was being so abusive. I wanted to cry I wanted to scream I wanted to hit him all of my emotions were right there on the surface and I was going crazy. He suddenly stops throws the script at me and goes ‘There. Read the script that way.” Ginger Lynn says it was her first taste of becoming a real actress something that preceded seven years of acting classes.

‘So I worked in adult for two years and three months retired for about fourteen years and came back in 1999 with VCA Pictures [ ] ‘ she continues. ‘We had a three picture deal with an option to do more and we’ve been doing them on good faith ever since. I don’t know how much longer I want to be in front of the cameras though.’

For now Lynn’s focus is on her own video production company Gingerbread Productions the first video line from which will be ‘Ginger Picks.’ She explains ‘The series will feature all amateurs and you can submit yourself whether you’re male or female at We currently have 111 contestants up and you as a viewer can go on and rate them. I am looking for real amateurs. You can only be an amateur one time. I think there’s so many gorgeous beautiful talented women in the industry today but I think something has changed that is not really for the better. Many of the people seem to think they need to be cookie cutter people. Same nose job same tit job same hair color; they become this parody of a porn star. What makes a person hot to me at least is who they really are. I remember when I used to do movies back in the old days when you’d walk in and you don’t know the person and you start to wiggle with excitement and you can’t wait to start the scene. Today everyone has a list of who they will fuck and who they won’t and I’m sorry but sex isn’t a business. It can be but in front of the camera it needs to be fun and it needs to be real.’

Ginger Lynn plays matchmaker with the contestants on the site pairing the highest together by their sexual likes and dislikes. ‘You then get blindfolded and taken to my house — blindfolded because I don’t want them to know where I live ‘ she laughs ‘and we have sex games for ice breakers before taping them actually going at it. It’s a lot of fun and I think it will make for a really unique series.’

As for her mainstream accomplishments under the name Ginger Lynn Allen she cites a Metallica video directed by Jonas Akurland and her featured role in ‘Bound and Gagged: A Love Story’ as those for which she is most proud.

Sechrest then plays a game of what he calls ‘Name Association’ with Lynn throwing out names to see her immediate and uncensored reaction. Jerry Stiller: ‘Hair. Hair is what came to mind. … Was he fun to work with? Oh! Oh Jerry STILLER! I’m thinking Jerry Springer. Oh smiles. I love Jerry Stiller. When I did the movie ‘The Independent’ with him I really wanted his autograph and a photo with him but I was too shy and nervous. He came up to me on the last day of shooting though and asked me for mine. He said he was a fan. It was really very sweet.’

Traci Lords. ‘Slut. Hope her tits rot and fall off.’

Ron Jeremy. ‘Skanky. Oh! Did I say that? … Rapist. Oh!’

Charlie Sheen. ‘Mush. Stole my heart. Only man I ever loved besides my grandfather.’

Jenna Jameson. ‘Beautiful.’

Steve Hirsch. ‘Pinky.’ She holds up her pinky finger with a sly smile.

Ginger Lynn says that while she lives by a ‘no regrets’ motto if there was one thing she would change about her life in the adult industry it is that she didn’t save money. ‘Part of me really wishes I’d saved it ‘ she says ‘but then I think you’re only 22 once. Those things I did they wouldn’t be the same today.’

Sechrest pulls out a quote from a past interview he found on Ginger Lynn and reads it to her stating that it reminds him of his own dysfunctional childhood and how slipping into a fantasy world can become a child’s only escape. The quote reads: ‘I got to the point where I used to try to make myself believe that my mother wasn’t my real mother and the life I had wasn’t my real life. I would pretend that reality was just my imagination and I would create plays and shows and pretend that was my real life.’

‘Ginger do you still pretend?’ asks Sechrest.

‘Only on camera ‘ she smiles misty-eyed. ‘I don’t have a need to pretend in my private life anymore.’

Sechrest asks Lynn to reveal a secret about herself something no one knows. ‘I have patchwork pussy hair ‘ she laughs. ‘It’s kind of funny and embarassing at the same time. I had had five surgeries in that area and my pubic hair has changed colors in areas. I have like white-white hair blonde hair red hair… I don’t know what to do with it! I have to fix it! I have like four different colors right now. It’s a zebra pussy or a leopard or something.’

Meanwhile Ginger Lynn can’t keep her hand out of Michael Brandon’s shorts and eventually she and Sechrest decide to start directing the other four in a live sex scene. On a dare Bret Wolfe agrees to go down on Alana Evans his first time ever eating pussy on or off camera! Wolfe surprised says it actually tastes very good while Evans says ‘He really knows what he’s doing.’ Gavin Braun then bends over for some ass play for the cameras and eventually Ginger Lynn can no longer contain herself. She drops to her knees and begins to suck Gavin Braun then Michael Brandon and finally takes both into her mouth at the same time. The show climaxes with Brandon shooting his load all over Wolfe’s face as Sechrest yells ‘I love my job! ‘ while Lynn screams ‘Happy Anniversary Jason! Here’s to another year!

– By Timothy Allen Conklin – 23rd December 2002

Ginger Lynn is something of an American icon. You can say that after E! Television does a “True Hollywood Story” about your life, and when soccer moms know your name – even if your greatest claim to fame is as an actor in adult films.

Lynn, however, is much more than that. Her canon of 69 films from late 1983 to early 1986 saw her rise to the top of the adult film industry, and her cache played a large part in starting a fledgling adult film company called Vivid on its way to becoming the multi-million-dollar giant it is today.

At the height of her career in that industry, Lynn left the adult film business and began to forge a career in Hollywood, using her given name of Ginger Lynn Allen. She started with roles in low-budget vehicles and hit a peak in the early 1990s with a guest-starring role in “NYPD Blue” and a starring role in a feature film, “Bound & Gagged: A Love Story.” She also gained some notoriety for rather famously dating actor Charlie Sheen.

But the road to legitimacy had its bumps. The Sheen relationship fell apart. Her drug and alcohol abuse spiraled. A tax evasion charge saw her spend four months in prison. More recently, she has battled cervical cancer and undergone a hysterectomy.

In 1999, Lynn returned to the adult film business. She also continued touring regularly on the gentleman’s-club circuit, as she had during much of her mainstream career in Hollywood. A Los Angeles Times Magazine article this past January suggested money problems as the key reason, and painted a rather dark picture of Lynn’s current life.

Then the “E! True Hollywood Story” followed in August, and with it, Ginger Lynn found herself once again in the spotlight. And to hear Ginger tell it, her career is on an upward climb.

Lynn is in town this week, performing at Platinum Plus. So, of course, there was only one man we could send to do this interview: “The Naked Reporter,” Free Times contributing writer Tim Conklin. Well, actually, it was his idea.

“I’ve been a fan of Ginger’s for a long time,” Conklin says, “and can remember many an afternoon when I … um … ate popcorn while watching her movies. But I told her up front that I didn’t want to do a puff piece, and she was very honest about some of her past problems and the challenges of being a ‘porn star mom.’

“My main impression, though, was that she’s a genuinely sweet woman whose approach to life – for the moment, at least – is incredibly upbeat. If it was an act, then she’s a better actress than a lot of people give her credit for.

“That, and that she can really talk up a storm.”

FT: First of all, happy birthday.

GL: Thank you.

FT: You just turned 40 (on December 14).

GL: No, 24. (Giggles.) Do not put 40 in print.

FT: Now, wait a second. I looked at your website and there was a whole bit about “I’ve never been shy about my age.”

GL: (Laughing.) That was before I turned 40. I’m 40, oh my god!

FT: Has it been traumatic for you?

GL: You know what? I’ve been 20. I’ve been 30. This is the next phase of my life and I’ve been a very lucky girl and had a very full life up to this point, and I’m looking forward to the next decade and decades. Plus I’m fortunate in that I’ve had no plastic surgery and I’m still …

FT: Well, you look great.

GL: I’m pulling it off.

FT: This tour that you’re on right now … You started this tour of clubs last year?

GL: This particular tour, per se, really began in August. I’ve been on the road for over 12 years. I took most of last year off, and the first six months of this year, I only did two gigs. I have a little boy who is going to be starting school, and when he did start, I took off as much time as I possibly could so I could be with him since he couldn’t travel with me anymore. Now I’m anticipating this will be my last year or so of performing on stage, into and throughout 2003.

FT: And then it’s “hang it up?”

GL: There may be an occasional job that I do. It’ll be rare. I’m not going to say that I’ll never dance or perform live again, but I will definitely cut way down, and I’m going to go into the next phase of my career, which will be behind the camera, producing and directing. Actually, I don’t want to go into too much detail, but I have a new concept: a combination live/Internet sex game show that will then be put out on DVD. It’s something that hasn’t been done before, and anybody that wants to be in this, if you can fly to Los Angeles, you can be on the “Blame It On Ginger” show.

FT: (Laughing, as this was the title of one of Lynn’s best known films.) Is that what you’re calling it?

GL: “Blame It On Ginger.” You fly out, we’re gonna put you in a video, where viewers get to vote on who wins. The top 20 people will be then flown to my condo in Maui, and we’ll do the big production. So it will probably be six months worth of live shows; we’ll do the shows once a month, a two-day shoot, and we’ll find out what your preferences are, try to hook you up with other people who have the same. Obviously, we want people who are uninhibited, but we also people who are real, who are curious, and because they are so many different turn-ons for people, I’m not just looking for picture-perfect, beautiful people. I’ve found that in my experience a lot of times these days, I am more turned on by the amateur videos, because there’s real passion and real sex going on, versus the staged performances. And those are great, too, but I fortunate in that I enjoy what I do.

FT: What’s your take on the prevalence nowadays of the “gonzo”-type video, versus the more story-based films?

GL: America is the land of opportunity. America is filled with opportunists. And anybody who has a video camera today can go out and make a movie. Over the years, porn has … How do I say this? … it’s changed. Pornography has changed with the times …

FT: Is that the product of an “MTV Culture,” where people just doesn’t have an attention span anymore?

GL: Quite possibly. I do believe (there’s still a market for story-based adult films), and I know by the sales of my current films, which are similar to films that used to be made, where we had bigger budgets, we had a storyline, we had the lead-up into sex. Sometimes there’s a lead-up, and then there’s no sex, ’cause that’s how real life goes.

FT: You returned to the adult film industry in 1999 after a 13-year hiatus, signing with VCA. How many films have you done now since your return?

GL: We did “Torn” first, then we did “White Lightning,” “New Wave Hookers 6,” “Taken,” “Sunset Stripped.” I did a small appearance in one of Ashlyn Gere’s films called “Crime & Passion.” And then I just did “Fantasex,” which is my first “virtual-reality” Ginger. It’s a unique concept, in that the DVD is “voice-command,” so you can tell me what position you want me in, where you want to put it, and where you want to cum, and have both hands free to do whatever it is … eat popcorn, or whatever it is you do when you
watch my movies.

FT: (Laughing all too knowing.) Yeah.

GL: I hear that’s what most people do. Their fingers are always greasy, so I assume they eat popcorn. Ewwww, did I just say that? (Laughs.) The industry has definitely changed, and I think that it’s wonderful in one respect, because there’s something for everybody. … I just hope that we don’t lose the passion that should go along with sex.

FT: When you first got into the adult entertainment business, did you have any trepidation about it? Were you worried about what family or friends might think?

GL: It’s natural for anyone to care what their friends and family think, but I don’t let other people’s opinions affect my decisions. My biggest fear when I began working in the adult film industry was having to talk. (Giggles.) I was fine with the sex. I was very, very intimidated by the microphone, and by having my voice (on camera). If I was lost and caught up in the moment of sex, I didn’t care. I was right there where I should be, doing what I was doing. I was very intimidated of speaking.

FT: Back in the mid-’80s, and even still today because of the “E! True Hollywood Story” and other things you’ve done subsequent to your initial adult films, you became a household name in suburban homes. That’s a rare feat achieved by only a few adult entertainers. To what do you attribute that success?

GL: Smiling a lot. (Laughs.) You know, I really can’t say. I don’t have anything that any other girl doesn’t have. What I do on film is be myself. I enjoy what I do, and I’m very natural in everything I am doing, from a blowjob to a conversation, and I think that because so many performers and actors in any type of film tend to play a character that they think the audience believes that you should be … I mean, playing a character, there are a lot of good actors out there, but I have never tried to necessarily
please the audience. I have done what’s natural to me, and I think that shows and comes through in the characters I create and in the scenes that I’m in.

FT: You walked away from the adult film business in 1986, and you were pushing really hard to launch a … I hate to call it a “legit” or “mainstream” … I’ll call it a “Hollywood” career. (Ginger laughs.) And you’ve had a modicum of success in doing that, what with the “NYPD Blue” guest appearance and the “Vice Academy” series. So why in ’99 did you make the decision to go back into making adult films?

GL: Let’s start with the reason I left adult films in the first place. I made 69 films in two years and three months. I was a bit burnt out. And I never want to do anything in my life too long that I don’t enjoy it. When I made adult films, I always had a good time. The day I woke up and said, “Oh, fuck, I have to suck so-and-so’s cock,” versus “Hey, guess whose cock I’m sucking today?” that was the day I knew it was time to back off. I want to like what I do, and I want that to come through on film. So I took the
break, went to acting school, studied for seven years …

FT: Which acting school did you go to?

GL: The Beverly Hills Playhouse (led by famed instructor Milton Ketselas, whose accomplishments include directing 1972’s Butterflies Are Free”).

FT: When you were working in Hollywood, what kind of reaction did you get from fellow actors?

GL: Well, let’s go back to why I chose to come back (to adult films). When I left adult films, there was a huge stigma that went along with being an adult film performer. If you fucked on film, you couldn’t possibly be an actress. And to a certain extent, I believed that, because that’s what was shoved down my throat. And I didn’t see where I could continue to do adult films and be taken seriously in the quote-unquote mainstream film industry. So I, for 14 years, devoted my time – my acting time and my career time – to mainstream. And for the most part, initially the response was, “Yeah, let’s bring her in,” but it wasn’t because they wanted to hire me; it was because they wanted to see Ginger Lynn. … I’ve found out over the years that there are some people who have a huge problem with the fact that I’ve done porn; they will never hire me. There are people who don’t care that I’ve ever done porn, and they will always hire me. So I realized that it doesn’t matter if it was 15 years ago or 15 minutes ago. If you don’t like it, you’re not going to hire me. If you don’t care, you will. So I thought, “You know what? I love porn. I had a great career in it. I want to leave with a bang.”
… I think there’s something that I can contribute today that’s missing from (adult) films. So I made my comeback, and it has, if anything, helped all of my career. The “E! True Hollywood Story” would not have happened had I not made my comeback into porn. I’ve got something coming out on Comedy Central in the near future. It’s snowballed now to this wonderful place where I’m
currently doing both, and I don’t believe that anyone has ever been in that position. Yes, they have where they’ve been the naked bimbo or cut up in a hacker film, and that’s OK. But to get good roles in decent films, which is what I’m currently doing, and still be doing porn is … I’m a lucky girl.

FT: So what’s the work you’re proudest of?

GL: Ahhh … I’m proud of everything that I’ve done. My favorite mainstream project that I’ve worked on has been obviously “NYPD Blue,” which was just an amazing experience. I did a film about 10 years ago called “Bound and Gagged: A Love Story,” and it was the first feature film that opened in theatres where I had a starring role. … I did a movie recently, actually about two years ago, with Janeane Garofalo and Jerry Stiller called “The Independent” that was released in art theatres throughout the country, and
that was fabulous to work on. Actually, the director of that, Steve Kessler, appeared in the “E! True Hollywood Story,” and he was the only, THE only, person from mainstream Hollywood, at all – directors, producers, actors – who was willing to say, “You know what? I hired Ginger because she’s a good actress.” He was the only one who was willing to go on camera and talk about it. I called up people and gave them so much shit. I’m like, “Wait a minute. You call me and ask me to dinner, we send each other Christmas cards, and you hire me for your films to promote them, because you’re getting more (publicity)” – you know, especially independent filmmakers – “but you won’t talk about me? You are never getting a Christmas card again.” I literally cut like three people off my Christmas card list this year. Get out of here!

FT: What work are you proudest of from your career in adult films?

GL: All of my recent films, everything I’ve done for VCA. I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in the writing, producing, directing, casting, makeup, wardrobe – you name it, I’ve been involved. As I did with the last dozen or so Vivid films.

FT: Vivid gave you a lot of freedom. Weren’t you the first contract performer for them?

GL: I was the first contract performer for anyone. And to clarify that a bit, yes, I was the first contract performer for Vivid, but also, there was no Vivid before me. … (Vivid co-founder) Steven (Hirsch) had a great idea; I had a name. There would be no Vivid without Ginger Lynn, and I say that because Vivid seems to forget that at times.

FT: Are you shocked by how big Vivid has become?

GL: I’m happy for them. They’ve made a huge impact on the adult film industry. Unfortunately, money changes people. And I’ll just leave it at that.

FT: You’ve been very candid about some of the problems you’ve had over the years, the IRS ordeal being one. How did that impact your life?

GL: (Pauses.) It makes a great chapter in my book, and what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. (Nervous laugh.) Plain and simple. I wouldn’t change anything that’s happened to me over the years. I’m not going to say that everything has been pleasant, but no one’s life is always pleasant. … Hopefully there will be people who maybe saw my “E! True Hollywood Story,” maybe who read this interview, who have similar problems that they’ve come up against, and I will encourage them and they will believe that you can
get through anything.

FT: You’ve dealt with some health problems in recent years. How is your health today?

GL: My health is good. My health is good. I have no more female body parts; I am now, technically … I have a nice set of balls, and uh, my mustache is coming in just fine, thank you. (Much laughter ensues.)

FT: Excellent. Can we look for that in your next film?

GL: I don’t want to give away all my secrets.

FT: “Ginger Lynn’s Balls.”

GL: I’m gonna have to do a movie. “I’ve Got Big Balls.” I’m gonna have to before I leave.

FT: How have the receptions been during this tour?

GL: It’s been incredible. Between my comeback and the “E! True Hollywood Story,” a lot of people who got caught up in a lot of the newer films and newer stars are saying, “Wait a minute. You know what? I want to see Ginger.” And they watch my new films and see and remember why it is I am who I am today. And again, I can’t really clarify that. I’m just me. I
put everything I have into what I do. The touring has been incredible. We’ve had turnouts that have been unbelievable. And I have wonderful fans. The people who enjoy my films are the kind of people that, in general, I like. With the exception of a couple.

FT: You have a son who’s going to be seven soon. He’s at that age now where he’s old enough to … even if he doesn’t necessarily understand what Mommy does, he has some idea. Do you worry at all about how, as he grows older, he might perceive your career, or about how other children might not be so kind when they find out who his mom is?

GL: (Pauses.) I don’t worry about how my son will perceive what I do. My son knows that Mommy is an actress. He was at the premiere of “The Independent.” He walked down the red carpet with Mommy. He knows people come up to me and ask for my autograph all the time. It’s funny, he came home from school a couple months ago and said, “Mommy, somebody asked me for my autograph,” one of his friends. Their parents had seen the show, and so, somehow this little boy asked my son for his autograph. He sees my clothed photos. He sees me on television. He went to the Metallica shoot when we filmed the video (for “Turn The Page”). So he understands that Mommy is an actress. There’ll come a point, or a period in time, when he realizes that Mommy not only is an actress that does films that make you laugh and cry, sometimes Mommy does films that are for grown-ups. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If I raise my son with love, honesty and respect, both ways, I don’t see any reason why he would feel anything different except the love and respect and emotions that he has for me already, and vice versa. I don’t
see adult films as being anything out of the ordinary or negative. When children are cruel, children are cruel if you have a funny name. Children are cruel if you’re too tall or too short. Children are cruel if you can’t make the football team. He will come up against obstacles in his life. And as long as I raise him to be a good person with a good heart, I don’t think it will affect him. I think he’s strong enough, wise enough, confident enough, and just a special little man, that he’s gonna be OK.

FT: Well, let’s follow that train of thought, because in case you weren’t aware, Columbia, South Carolina, is a pretty conservative area.

GL: Well, then let’s start with something that wasn’t in my “E! True Hollywood Story.” My great-grandfather is a Southern Baptist minister. Well, he’s dead now, but I was raised with the whole “Hell and damnation,” and I don’t believe in it. You’re entitled to your opinion, you’re entitled to your choice. This is America. You have the freedom of religion here, or not (to believe), thank you. I’m a very spiritual person, and many of people I’ve met who claim to be “good Christians” or whatever it is that they claim to be, don’t lead the lives that they’re always pretending they do. There’s a lot of hypocrisy in this country. I am very honest, open and blatant about who I am and what I do … and I’m probably more spiritual than many of the Bible-thumpers.

FT: What’s next for Ginger Lynn?

GL: “Blame It On Ginger” (her new venture, not the ’80s film) will be … you can see that at There will be initial casting beginning in January 2003. Comedy Central has a new series coming out called “Save Virgil,” directed by Brad Abelson, who is one of the animators of “The Simpsons.” I have a starring role in that …

FT: Is it animated?

GL: It’s “South Park” meets “Space Jam.” (It’s a mix of live action and animation.) Every in it is a real person, including Gary Coleman … somewhat … except for my son, Virgil. I give birth to a cartoon character (voiced by Adam Carolla of “The Man Show”) in the very first episode, and right now they’re working out all the details of the show. It’s been shot, the animation has been done.

FT: Do you have any more films planned?

GL: “Samhain” (an NC-17 horror flick) will be coming out, or was supposed to be out, this Halloween, with Richard Grieco and Bobbie Phillips. And there are two other adult film stars who don’t have big acting roles, but they’re definitely nice roles in the film: Jenna Jameson and Chasey Lain. My book, which I’ve been working on forever, hopefully should be … you know, it’s like so close to being finished, but something always keeps coming up that puts it off. It’s called, “I Did It, I Liked It, So What?” and I have a
tentative book deal for that.

FT: Quick little hits. Favorite actors you’ve worked with in the adult industry?

GL: My new favorite: Sean Michaels. My old favorites: Tom Byron and Peter North.

FT: I always though Peter had the best name in porn.

GL: I didn’t get it until about a year ago! (Laughs.)

FT: (Incredulous.) You’re kidding!

GL: No, someone pointed it out, and I’m like, “Ohhhh!” Too much peroxide, I guess.

FT: How about female?

GL: Barbara Dare, Christy Canyon, Chloe.

FT: How about in Hollywood?

GL: Janeane Garofalo was amazing. Dennis Franz. Those are the two. Oh, and Jerry Stiller. Love Jerry Stiller.

FT: What current adult film stars do you like to watch, or would like to work with?GL: Honestly, I don’t watch adult films. If I do, I watch amateur. That’s what I like. Or bisexual videos.

FT: Final question. At the end of the Metallica video for “Turn The Page,” your character says she doesn’t have any regrets. Does Ginger Lynn Allen?

GL: Maybe I should’ve saved a little more money. (Laughs.) Ginger Lynn will be performing three shows nightly at Platinum Plus
through Saturday. Her “E! True Hollywood Story” can be seen Sunday at 11 p.m. on E! Television.

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