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sitepics1Fantastic personal stories about fans encounters with Ginger – if you have a story please email


Phil from St.Louis

I’m 31 and the first flick I ever saw was Dance Fever and it happened to be forwarded to Ginger’s solo scene with the pink monster when I got the tape. I think I came in my pants. I’m rather thankful that you posted it since over the years one of my idiot friends lost my copy of that movie.

I actually met her once about 8 years ago when she toured her home state of Illinois. I live in St. Louis, so I was sure to catch her show at PT’s Showclub in Sauget, IL. An interesting thing happened; I was one of the loudest fans there as was my buddy who wasn’t near the Ginger fan that I was. However, we had front row seats for her “performance” (cuz we were there all afternoon) and she danced around doing her routine. I’m sure U’re aware of how the headliners or dancers in general bounce back and fourth across the stage from fan to fan to keep everyone happy. Well she had stripped down to a thong at this point and jumped right on my buddy sitting next to me. We made numerous eye contacts but she still jumped on him. I sat there thinking “shit, she’ll skip me and bounce across to some other schumck!”

Well, she climed off my buddy and got back on stage dancing around a bit and then lost the thong. WOW, there she was, totally naked for everyone to see. But like I said, I figured she’d skip me and go to the other side, well I was wrong. She came right back to our side and jumped on my lab. I couldn’t believe it.

My dream girl was in my lap and only seconds earlier she was in my buddies lap who was now pissed because she was now naked and she wore a thong for him. Ginger proceeded to dance around on my lab and then squatted on my nose letting me see the goods up close and personal.

She might have been offended by what happned next but I figured what the hell, I had my idol in my face. I stuck my tounge out and licked her pussy as much as I could. How often does a mid-western guy get to eat the pussy of his porn-idol? She might not have even known what I was doing, hell, she probably thought she was rubbing on my nose but she coudln’t have been more wrong. She didn’t seem too upset because she allowed me to continue for a few seconds before she continued with her performance.

I’m a decent looking white guy around 5’8″ who’s into bodybuilding so it wasn’t like she was appalled. She later signed a copy of a VHS box cover I had, a tape of her best scenes or something like that; however, she seemed pleasant and not phased by my intrusion, I even had a poloroid taken with her. I hope she comes back to our town to visit.

St. Louis


My story about ginger lynn will probably be one of your non adult stories, but here it is anyway. About 7 years ago ginger was performing in Columbus, Ohio at one of the local clubs. It was in December and the weather was really, really bad. I probably should not have made the trip but, it was Ginger Lynn so what if there was a snowstorm outside.

Anyway, I got to the club and it was not even close to being full. It was like having her all to yourself. Some would not have even gone on stage but, she went right up there and danced her heart out. I really felt bad for her because I knew she had traveled a long way and was not going to do very well. When it came time for her to auction off her panties no one would even bother bidding. Once I saw that I went ahead and bid 50.00 and I could not believe my luck and won. Anyway, she slid across the stage, and gave me a kiss I will not soon forget. That had to be the best $ 50.00 I ever spent in my life ( lol ).

After she was done and was posing for polaroids she asked me where I lived. And I told her about an hour and a half north of the city. She asked me how it was driving down and I told her it was not very good. She then proceeded to tell me,” I would be more than welcome to stay with her until the weather cleared up and I could leave in the morning.” I was totally surprised by the offer and thanked her. But, I felt I could make it home okay.

And that is my Ginger Lynn story. I think of all the times I have been lucky enogh to meet her and talk to her it makes me realize what a warm and (genuine) person she is. And I think you will be hard pressed to ever find one like her today or even in the future. Anyhow, it was that one simple gesture that made me the admirer of her that I am today. I am probably one of the few who truly hated to see her reenter adult films. I just felt she was better than that.

But, whatever she does my thoughts and prayers will always be with her; the sexiest blonde on the planet….



Several years ago, when I lived in Illinois, I had to travel to Charlotte on business. As I drove through the city, I noticed a banner announcing that Ginger was going to be performing that evening at a gentlemen’s club. Since I was a big fan of hers, and had no work scheduled that day, I decided to go
into the club early and get a good seat. The club had a fish buffet and I stayed a few hours watching the dancers until Ginger’s act.

After her performance was over, Ginger went to the back of the club to sign autographs. When it was my turn, she asked if I was the one who waited several hours for her show. She was thrilled that someone would show that much interest, and she gave me a present of an autographed item. Ginger
was especially interested in knowing if I was also a fan of her non-adult work. I am sorry that Ginger never made it big in the non-adult industry. She is a very nice person.

Steve in Mississippi

Eric in South Carolina

I can vouch for Phil, Randy, and Steve, on their experiences. I have known Ginger for years even before the Internet. I was even a club member way back when and still have the card today. I got to catch Gingers show in Greenville, SC probably the same year these other guys did. I just got of work and was the only guy in the club with a dressed up. I stuck out like a soar thunb I guess. I stood back on the first show and tried to get close to the stage but it was to crowded. Ginger saw me since I stand about 6’6″ in the back and was keeping an eye on me. I think she thought I may have been a undercover cop or something……… I stayed for the second show and was the first at the stage, and it was jammed packed. Again she kept an eye on me but still never made her way to me….. She gave me a wink, and a half smile as if she wasnt quite sure of me. I stood in line afterwards when everyone was getting their polaroids when it was my turn her bodyguard asked for the money and I pulled out my old expired lifetime membership card. I told him to ask her if this was still good. He took the card to her and she turned and gave me the biggest smile. I smiled back. Ginger pranced over to me and literally jumped in my arms, saying “I have been waiting forever to finally meet you”. She broke me from line and all the other guys were a bit pissed, she led me over to the VIP seating, sat me down and told me to wait here…………….so I did.

She finished up her other photos and got a drink and a cigarette and came over and sat down. We talked about this and that and the other. ginger is very personable “good with people”. Her bodyguard came up to us and cracked a few jokes about some of the other girls on stage…….he was a riot. Ginger asked if I could stay until her 2am show was over and go and get something to eat with them, I had to be at the office early the next morning and had to say no, but would like a raincheck. Ginger smiled and said anything you want. I agreed and we kissed a friendly kiss and I said I may be able to catch her at another place in the Carolinas while she was on tour, she smiled and said “just let me know”, I will be in Charlotte this week and Hickory, NC the week after that………. I said ok you will hear from me. A week later I had some time off and called a mutual friend of ours and told him to tell her I would meet her in Hickory. He did and I was there early but no Ginger until a little later in the evening. She walked in and saw me and pulled me to her VIP seating and said you are with me tonight. I smiled and ordered some drinks. She went backstage to get ready and her bodyguard came over and we were cutting up with the other women………. Ginger came back out and we talked some more about her future plans ………… it was time for her act and she led me over to the stage and sat me down at the seats closest to the back of the stage.

She came out and did a few rounds around the pole and about three different numbers, at one point during the chair act she bent over backwards a little to far and I could tell by the look on her face something was wrong, she spun around keeping her eye on me and biting her bottom lip. She looked at me and then her bodyguard and winked at us both. I looked at him and he looked at me then back to her. (At that time on tour her back was giving her problems but she was a trooper and finished every show she attended) At the end of the third act she slid on the stage floor and crept over to me……… smiling she said are you ready …………. I was like “for what!” She whispered in my ear to be ready for anything ……….. I asked if she was ok and she didnt have to if she needed a break. She smiled and stood up and the music stopped. She whispered to her bodyguard yet again and he disappeared backstage. By this time it was a full house. She pulled up a seat and recited her bio and started asking questions from different members of the audience. She was getting alot of responses from the audience. I just sat there in awe of how she could control the crowded room. When she was through she said I have a special guest here tonight who I have known for years and never got to know until now and I have something special for him tonight……… I was freaking out by this time.

Ginger came over to me and stood me up and pulled me up on stage to o her push-ups number which she usually reserves for birthday boys. She announced my age and said thats how many push-up she was going to do on me. She whispered that in if we were in california I would really get a mouthful, but we were in NC so this is how it had to be (with her G-string on) She laid me down and in the 69 position she started her routine. Everyone counted and she dropped each time bouncing her chin or nose on my “Member” until it was rock hard. Also popping her crotch on my mouth. When she was finished everyone was whooping and hollaring. She slid down my body and gave me a very deep, and wet kiss, and said “imagine”. I said “Oh I do”. I got down off stage and she couldn’t contain herself and was laughing. I went back to our drinks at the VIP seats and kicked back. She did the polaroids and came over and opened up her goodies chest and said take anything you want I looked through a couple videos and pulled them out she signed them and picked out some others for me too. I asked how her back was as I lit up her cigarette and she turned to me and looked deep into my eyes and said “you are a caring person”. I said well yes its for anybody though. She said be carefull there are alot of people out there who will take advantage of that.

I agreed and we locked eyes and talked for about another half hour, getting to know each other……… as we commented again on some of the other girls that were dancing, she was really into some of them too…. It was almost time for her to go on and she said “you are coming to eat with us right, and then back to the hotel to party a little” I said of course but I have to call into the office to check my messages…… She said ok see you back here. I called in and sure enough I had a problem and they had been trying to get ahold of me. The next closest administrator was in Atlanta and well that why they pay me the big bucks……. I felt like shit…… I went to the bar and got a 50 dollar bill and wrote my phone number on it, then went up to the stairs at the end of the stage sat down, leaned backwards and Ginger smiled. holding the bill in my mouth she came over and squatted down and I stuck the 50 in her G-string. She bent over a little more and kissed me again. I told her I had an emergency and I had to get back to work (which was about an hour away), she asked me to wait and I did. I told her my number was on the bill and I had to run but would try to be back later in the morning. She gave me an unbelievable look of disappointment, I felt bad but working with this Fortune 500 company I had my career to think about. I hated to do it to a long time friend but I had to go ……………… I havent communicated with her since………..

Eric in South Carolina

Ginger in Memphis

Guys, I had a similar experience at club tiffanies in Memphis. I lived a 3hour round trip from Memphis when a friend of mine called me and said that Ginger was gonna be at the club. I requested that weekend of but as luck would have it a snow fell with about 6 inches of snow and ice. I drove an hour and a normally half trip doing 30 miles an hour making the trip about 3 hrs. Got to the club late and saw her signing autographs. Gotta drink, drummed up the nads to go over to her and told her of my trip, the fact that I made a custom electric guitar with her picture airbrushed on it, and my crush on her from day one. She asked where I was sitting and told me to wait. She came on stage with a tank on and signalled for me. She pulled me on stage via the tank around my neck. Kissed me. Then laid me on floor for her pushups. Gave me another kiss. Then after last set came over and sat in my lap for an hour just talking. I was in heaven. Had a photo of the two of us and gave me the tank that she autographed along with a pack of 8x10s of her. We kissed and hugged. And I went home in the snow knowing that if I died that night, I was a happy man.

Very genuine lady and will always have that crush on Ginger.

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